Diversity Education

Navigating Difference Cultural Competency Training

Washington State University Extension is committed to being an inclusive organization that seeks and promotes diversity in our workforce, program participants, educational partners, and program content. As a means of achieving the Extension vision, we strive to serve the diverse residents of Washington with culturally competent and linguistically appropriate programming and services. In support of this goal, Navigating Difference: Cultural Competency Training has been designed and is conducted statewide for all WSU Extension personnel and interested community partners. Navigating Difference (ND) is designed to assist participants expand their skills in working with diverse audiences.

The overarching goals for the training are to assist participants to:

• Become more aware of their own personal and organizational cultures;

• Examine how their personal and organizational cultures affect their ability to work across difference in both negative and positive ways;

• Build skills to increase competencies in working with others who are different.


The training is based on the WSU Extension Cultural Competencies and is designed using key adult education theory and practices that create a safe and welcoming environment for all learners. The learning activities respect and support individual learning styles, and the participants’ life experiences are viewed as an important source of knowledge. The intent of the program is to gain knowledge and skills that can be used when engaging in a new situation/culture, rather than focusing on specific cultural knowledge.


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Merrianneeta Nesbitt

Merrianneeta Nesbitt